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Alubond® USA
Alubond® USA aluminium composite panels are being used as cladding material for buildings and used in the signage industry and for interior decorations. A wide range of colors enables you to find the right product to meet your demand. State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment are securing you the best quality and a competative pricing.
Dubond® USA
Based on the technolgy and experience, built up with the production of ACP panels, Dubond has developped a wide range of new bonded products. These products will anable the architect, de building constructor and the cladding company to meet all customers requirements. Using natural products such as: marble, granite or wood veneer the choice is unlimited.
This patented tube, with innerfin structure, is developped to improve the transfer of heath during cooling or heaing. An efficiency improvement of more then 300% has been realised compared to standard round tubing.
DV Products is representing various extrusion companies from Turkey, Germany and Greece. We will be able to find the right supplier meeting your demands.
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