TornadoFlow® is a patented tube product developped by the German manufacturer Brökelmann Aluminium GmbH & Co. KG. 
The main feature of this tube is that heat transfer is optimised with the use of innerfins in combination with a rotation of the tube. In this way a turbulent flow of cooling liquid is generated realising a major increase in thermal performance. During tests carried out, by the University of Paderborn/Germany, it was eveident that an increase on thermal performance of more then 300% was realised compared to a standard tube. Using higher viscosities will enable to secure even better performances.

Since this TornadoFlow® tube is a new, innovative development we are continuously looking for new applications. DV products would be pleased to take on any challenge to see what are the benefits of this products for your company. Brökelmann will be offering all possible services and knowhow to make it succesfull.


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